Integrative Medicine and Behavioral Health

About Us

At Integrative Medicine and Behavioral Health we approach healthcare by focusing on balance, not necessarily the absence of disease as generally approached by Western Medicine practitioners. Each individual is unique physically and biochemically, and may need a customized treatment protocol that may differ from another individual sharing the same diagnostic label. We customize a blend of allopathic, naturopathic, and Ayurvedic treatment protocols. These customized treatment protocols may include a blend of pharmaceutical, herbal, homeopathic, dietary, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Please understand and keep in mind that with certain diagnoses, it may be necessary to prescribe pharmaceutical medications.

Treatment options will be discussed at your appointment with your provider. Treatment plans offer a wide variety of options allowing us to assist you in achieving your best possible outcome. We take the time to work with you and to put together a treatment plan that will work long-term with your lifestyle and goals. Long-term goals for our patients include balancing physical, mental and social health, in addition to offering assistance to patients interested in balancing their spiritual health.

Services Provided